Art Caffè - September '13

Every 3 months we are meeting for the "ART CAFFÈ" event here in Beverly Garden, Dalian, China. Women from all over the world are joining us to talk about art, to get together and enjoy some espresso and dolci.

I'm a little late this time with posting the pics of the last ART CAFFÈ in September. Anyway: a good reminder for the upcoming event this friday!


Some impressions of the last one:



"Distorsioni Formali: Mondo Ammacato" by


Looking at colorful silkprints by 


our gorgeous host Raffaella explaining the artwork :-)
our gorgeous host Raffaella explaining the artwork :-)

First time we had a "Mini Art Caffè Couch" :-)

Art Caffè - Dalian - September 2013


I love the filigree nude sketches by


3 of those are now mine :-)


our last guest: Milla, the Art Cat

(in the background Tanchi Michelottis painting)

Looking forward to the next Art Caffè: November 15th

to the previous ART CAFFE
to the previous ART CAFFE

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