The very last ART CAFFÈ - October 2014


Last Friday the ART CAFFÈ opened the door for the very last time. It's definte: Raffaella will leave Dalian and with her the ART CAFFÈ event. An era comes to it's end. Sadly.














The ultimate ART CAFFÈ recipe book

for Raffaella


and an ART CAFFÈ mug

- handmade with love -

Some impressions of the last international community meeting:

 [click through the gallery]

A few days before Raffaella prepared the "Wunderkammer":

 she installed hundreds of photos from all the ART CAFFÈ events as a surprise for her guests. [To be honest, in both our minds popped up for a tiny moment the thought of a serial killer room... ;-]


During the event the guests were free pick any pictures from the wall as a memory of a nice time together.


All day long I tried to keep my countenance, but when Mira sang with her incredibly beautiful warm voice, the big crying started: 


...after the crying came the hugging...


Raffaella, you know - there are no words for that.

Thank you for being the kindest host ever.

We will miss you so terribly badly. 

May the ART be with you - wherever you go. 




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