pathological changes


Nach den letzten Wochen musste ich mich mal "frei" arbeiten, um mich für die nächste Ausstellung auf chinesische Themen einzustellen. Und das ist dabei rausgekommen. Fast schon pathologisch... 


[After some customer orders I had to set my mind "free" and to approximate new chinese topics for the next exhibition. This is the result. Pathological changes...]

Fast schon pathologisch_Christine Hohenstein
detail of "pathological changes" - Christine Hohenstein - vintage collage painting

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    Sarah (Dienstag, 16 April 2013 23:40)

    Des gfoit ma!

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    Frau Tana (Freitag, 19 April 2013 08:30)

    ...@ Sarah
    ...und mir erst

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    andrea schmidt (Donnerstag, 05 September 2013 21:31)

    i'm in love with this painting! the tension in her body, the dark lines that hold her to the page, the 'hanging' in the lamps, the bird referencing freedom and song, the colors of blue and white merging and fading on the bottom right, the darkness at the top right, the papers (!), the chinese papers are so layered with meaning and story. BEAUTIFUL work! well done!!!